Jefferson County Democratic Committee

Support Democrats on November 5th

One of the priorities of the Jefferson County Democratic Committee is supporting Democrats who are running in contested races. This fall, a number of Democrats are running for offices in Jefferson County in contested races. Those races are:

Jefferson County

Countywide                       Lewis “Graeme” Spicer                  County Court Judge

Town and Village

Alexandria Bay                  Steve Jarvis                                        Mayor                                  

                                                Garrett Bass                                       Trustee

Cape Vincent                     Elisabeth Brennon                           Trustee

                                                George Sperry                                  Trustee

Champion                           Diana Harris                                        Councilperson

Clayton                                 Norma Zimmer                                 Mayor

                                                Mary Zovistoski                                                Town Clerk

Lorraine                               Rachel Schelmidine Pitkin             Councilperson

                                                Lester Hobbs                                     Councilperson

Lyme                                     Terry Countryman                           Councilperson  

                                                Julia Gosier                                         Councilperson

Pamielia                               Timothy Kelly                                     Supervisor

Philadelphia                       Colin Hardy                                         Supervisor

Wilna                                     Patrick Britten                                   Councilperson

Worth                                   Norm Paradis                                     Councilperson

City of Watertown           Cody Horbacz                                    Mayor

                                                Patrick Hickey                                    City Council

Take a look at the list and see if there is a candidate(s) that you can help out.  Display a sign, pass out flyers, knock on doors, contribute in any manner you can. No contribution is too little and the candidates will welcome the assistance. Part of the process of spreading Democratic values is electing Democrats to office.