Jefferson County Democratic Committee

Directing Political Passion

The results of the 2016 Presidental Election has created a lot of new contributors to the electoral process in the United States. Many passionate voters have become active in pursuit of expressing their political beliefs. The dilemma we face when expressing that passion is how to express our ideas in a positive way that can garner support for our ideas for change as opposed to a negative passion that does not lend itself to support and comes off as angry and at its worse, just complaining.

Positive passion can be inclusive with an energetic promotion and sharing of ideas. It can generate enthusiasm to get out and encourage voter participation and/or support for your candidate.

Negative passion, if not controlled can cause dissension and hard feelings among members. By dwelling on negative issues without exploring positive solutions, many times this attitude becomes nothing more than angry complaining.

As we approach this year’s political season, remember to express your ideas and support in a way that will attract people to your ideas.

Jon Hall – Chairman JCDC