Jefferson County Democratic Committee


Greetings! Thank you for visiting our site. The Jefferson County Democratic committee has long fought for a more inclusive and progressive North Country community. With your help and dedication we will continue to bring positive change to the North Country. We are always looking to improve the North Country community and appreciate your input and participation

    Together for a
    Better Future


    Directing Political Passion

    The results of the 2016 Presidental Election has created a lot of new contributors to the electoral process in the United States. Many passionate voters have become active in pursuit of expressing their political beliefs. The dilemma we face when expressing that passion is how to express our ideas in a positive way that can …

    2019 Election Thanks

    The Jefferson County Democratic Committee would like to thank all the candidates of the 2019 General Election for taking the time, courage and commitment to run for an office. Regardless of the results, it is important to have Democratic candidates to insure voters have a choice when they go into the voting booth. The following …